About the Department

  • Physiology is a branch of science dealing with study of functions of living beings. It is a dynamic study of life describing the vital functions of the living organisms at organ, cellular and molecular levels. The term Physiology is a combination of Greek word ‘PHYSIS’ meaning ‘NATURE’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘science’ or ‘study’. Physiology is closely associated with medicine. Alteration in normal physiology leads to causation of disease and pathology. Restoring the normal physiology is the essence of medical management.

    Year of Establishment : BDS - 2006
    Yearly Intake : BDS - 100 Seats

H.O.D.'S Foreword

Department of Physiology is a branch of life sciences, deals with all molecular and biological events in life cycle of a person. The Department of Human Physiology was established in 2006 and the department strives for excellence in teaching and biomedical research to advance human health and welfare.
The basic principle that provides the foundation for the study of human physiology is the maintenance of homeostasis through the operation of complex control systems encompassing all levels of the hierarchy of human structure and function (i.e., cells, tissues, organs, and organs systems).

HOD, Physiology

Mission Statement

To improve learning and education of physiology and to produce excellent academicians and professionals to compete in the global health scenario. The educational program encompasses graduate dental undergraduate students and faculty participation in training preeminent scholars and postgraduate researchers.